The Laundromat: Open 24-hours

Open 24 hours, Robinson Cleaners and Laundromat is the only one of it’s kind in Columbia. Serving it’s customers all day, every day the laundromat becomes a gathering spot for all walks of life; the college students who have waited to long to clean, the family moving between houses, homeless  seeking shelter from the weather, the anti-social, night owl. All of these people are brought by routine and necessity and all must wait for their clothes to be clean.

Robinson Cleaners and Laundromat, 4:29 a.m. February 17, 2011.

Getting quarters from the change machine, Kalece Modock, age 7, spends the afternoon doing laundry with her mother, Kelli Modock. Kalece occupies her time at the laundromat by playing games, jumping rope and helping her mother.

Sam Brotherton (left) and Peter Feuerborn (right) wait as their laundry drys. While waiting for their laundry to dry Brotherton, Feuerborn and Joey Cali read, played games on their cell phones and planned their night.

Ellen Moore waits for her boyfriend to return and takes a break between folding loads of dry laundry. Ellen Moore and her boyfriend Eugene Miller just moved out of their 3 room apartment into a 6 room house and their washer and dryer are not yet connected, this was their last trip to the laundromat.

into washers. Kelli comes to Robinson’s because it is so close to her home and she had been procrastinating on the laundry and finally found time to clean it.

Due to some computer issues I lost about 1/3 of my take and in the process some photos I would have liked to use. However the great thing about this project is that as long as I don’t own my own washer and dryer it is very easy to continue with. Every time I go to do laundry I will bring my camera and keep shooting and make something better out of this beginning.


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