The Age of Faith – Father Dylan Schrader

For the last two weeks I have been working with a Catholic Priest in Columbia. My goal was to explore Father Schrader’s youth and use my images to contrast his age with both those older and younger than him. Please offer any suggestions you might have on how the project can be improved for future edits.
*caption corrections made*
Just one year out of the seminary, Associate Pastor Reverend Dylan Schrader is the second highest religious authority preaching at Our Lady of the Lourdes in Columbia, Missouri. Father Schrader assists Reverend Monsignor Michael Flanagan, the head pastor, in the performance of the duties required by a Catholic Priest including offering mass, conducting confession, listening to confessions and preforming marriages, baptisms and funerals. Father Schrader leads the congregation in their communication with God daily. Dylan Schrader is just 25 years old.

Father Dylan Schrader has a quiet moment to himself before leading the 6:30 am mass at Our Lady of Lourdes. In his role as Associate Pastor, Father Schrader leads the congregation in celebrating morning masses daily as well as fulfilling all other obligations held by a priest.


Relaxing on a Sunday afternoon, Father Dylan Schrader watches the movie School Of Rock which he has recorded off television and has been watching in small increments over the last few days. As a priest, Father Schrader’s day begins early, around five in the morning, and allows him few breaks during his day, most Sunday afternoons allow him some time to himself.


Leading the students of Columbia Catholic School, attached to Our Lady of the Lourdes, Father Dylan Schrader reads the first station in the Stations of the Cross, Jesus is Condemned to Death. The Stations of the Cross are 14 stages depicts the events immediately leading to the crucifixion of Jesus, they are most frequently preformed during lent when Catholics celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus.


Father Dylan Schrader prepares the body and blood of Christ to be offered to the congregation during the 8:30 am Friday mass. The body and blood of Christ is prepared by the priest blessing sacramental wine and bread during mass; Catholics eat the bread and drink the wine and through this accept Jesus as their lord and savior.


After leading the students of Columbia Catholic School in the Stations of the Cross, Father Dylan Schrader walks back to the sacristy to hang his vestments before holding counseling meetings. Father Schrader frequently offers masses and leads events such as the Stations of the Cross for the students.


Father Scharder prepares for a weekday morning mass in the sacristy. The color of the garments is dictated by the time of year and the holidays within the Catholic Church, the vestments, or robes, are purple for the season of Lent.


Father Dylan Schrader along with members of Our Lady of Lourdes Ray Schachtner (left), Doug Callahan (right), Timothy Vargesko (far left) and others discuss matters of the Churches budget and some about preparations for the new Catholic High School in Columbia opening for the Fall of 2011. At the beginning of each meeting, those in attendance open and close each meeting with a reading and a prayer.


Showing Gary Shaw’s (far left) second grade class the sacristy and the items used in mass, Father Dylan Schrader encourages questions and tries to explain the purpose of each item. The students gasp in awe at the gold cups, or chalice, and pieces used for mass.
Also accompanying this story is selections of an audio interview conducted with Father Schrader and played over the images seen above that will be available on my class blog in just a few hours.

2 thoughts on “The Age of Faith – Father Dylan Schrader

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  2. I am enjoyed to read the daily life of Father Dylan Schrader. I met his family and they are very nice people.

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