Wherever you can lay your head.

While walking along Pont Neuf I found this mattress not-quite-hidden behind a statue of the French King Henry IV. The original statue was destroyed during the French revolution and its current incarnation was rebuilt in 1818 from a melted statue of Napoleon.

In Paris it is easy to find mattresses such as this one, although usually not quite this daring in placement. Often you can find the homeless of Paris camped in quiet(ish) corners of metro stations, under bridges or occasionally in tents provided by support groups.

This mattress looked so sad as the rain started to fall. The person who called this place home was nowhere to be seen, I hope they found a better place to lay, it rained a lot that week. It offered no shelter from the elements or shield from the view of tourists, it was placed on a pedestal, at the feet of a long dead King, on the oldest bridge of Paris, New Bridge (Pont Neuf).


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